About us.

Who we are

Inagrab is an eCommerce website development Bahrain a technology consulting organization that connects strategy, design, and engineering services into a seamless workflow devised to support clients every step of the way.

Founded in 2017 by two friends, Inagrab rapidly became a team of like-minded professionals with a shared vision for their company. The team is passionate about creating valuable products and helping other businesses climb the ladder of technological development.

Over the past 4 years, we have designed and built a diverse range of high-quality products from scratch. Our specialists have expertise in a wide variety of spheres including e-learning, healthcare, e-commerce, advertising, augmented reality, finance, sharing economy, and many more.

Excellent Design

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We embrace the culture of openness and the free exchange of ideas, both within our organization and with our clients. We strongly believe that this results in efficient collaboration and creates an open environment for bold ideas

Time Saving

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Personal Support

Customer satisfaction has always been the main priority for our team. It is essential to us that we build healthy business relationships with our clients, identifying their needs, and delivering the best possible solution to boost their business’ growth

Best Quality

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While the 'fake it until you make it' approach may be appealing to some, we believe that cutting corners is never beneficial in the long run. We strive to be transparent in negotiations and clear about our capabilities, as we value our reputation and relationships with our clients above all

Our Technologies

Our tech stack allows us to build scalable, flawlessly working products that users fall in love with.

Here are some of our other great skills

Design and Development are our big game, but we also dabble in other skills some of which you may also be interested in.
Business Startup Consultation
Logo Design
UIUX Consultation



Best Solutions for Your Business

You will have to excuse our perfectionism at Inagrab in as we like to obsess over everything we develop, we take care of any project as if it was our own baby and nurture it until we completely hand it over to you, the innovators, & continue that support until you & your team is steady enough to take care of it. Watch the video below to get to know us more.

Meet our team.

Meet our team.

the best people to support your project

Hussain Haji


Part-time Dragon Slayer

Mustafa Murhama


Part-time Wizard

Varun Jain

Lead Android Developer


Fatima Al Sheikh


Part-time Pixie

Fatima Al Sheikh



Ali Alhayki

Lead UIUX Architect & Q.A Specialist

The Hybrid

Ahmed Awadhi

Business Development Executive


Jacob Mathews


Part-time Part timer

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Manama Bahrain

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